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Kate Brewington Bennett

Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis is like the Hollywood Walk of Fame for history nerds. The list of notable people buried there is so long that the walking brochure can only spare room for a few words about each one. My friend and I went exploring the cemetery last summer, following the brochure from the… Continue reading Kate Brewington Bennett

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Susan Louise Marsh

Susan Marsh was appalled. A fifteen year old girl living in an orphan asylum in St Louis had to hand over her wages to her father, to support his drinking habit. Because of antiquated sole guardianship laws still on the books in Missouri in 1912, any wages that a child made were legally her father's. … Continue reading Susan Louise Marsh

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Virginia Johnson

Virginia Johnson, of Masters & Johnson, pushed for a better life and ended up revolutionizing the way the world looked at-- and practiced-- sex.  She wasn’t a physician or an academic.  She was simply a woman who wasn’t afraid to give her perspective on sex, in a field full of men who already thought they… Continue reading Virginia Johnson

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Betty Grable

Conn and Lillian Grable had a pact - no more children. It was 1916 - Marjorie was 6 and their little son John had just died. But when Lillian found herself pregnant again she was not going to give up her baby- no matter what Conn said. Lillian's dream was to be a dancer. She… Continue reading Betty Grable

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The Mysterious Tale of Patience Worth

by Jean Schiffman San Francisco Arts Monthly September 2011 Vol. 21 No. 3 Seances were held; novels, poems, short stories and plays were published, all of which were supposedly dictated by the garrulous Patience, a 17th-century English immigrant to America. (No proof was ever found that such a person existed.) Pearl and her husband, John… Continue reading The Mysterious Tale of Patience Worth

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Ginger Rogers

In the middle of the summer, 1911, Lela McMath gave birth to a little girl in the front room of a 2 bedroom house on Moore Street in Independence, Missouri. Shortly after, Lela divorced her husband, left her daughter with her parents and went to Hollywood to write movies. Lela's little girl, Virginia Katherine McMath, or "Ginja" would become a Hollywood legend… Continue reading Ginger Rogers

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Teresa Willis & Missouri Women in Trades

  Teresa Willis is making history. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Missouri Women in Trades, a group she founded in 2007 to support women working in the construction trades. Missouri Women in Trades is challenging women and girls to think outside traditional gender roles and empowering them to consider a career in a traditionally men's field: construction… Continue reading Teresa Willis & Missouri Women in Trades