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Roadtrip: Greenville Recreation Area & Crossroads Church Cemetery

The Greenville Recreation Area is set aside to mark the location of Old Greenville, a town that was moved in the 1940s due to the Wappapello Dam. Today there are camping and picnic areas at the site, with a dose of women's history sprinkled in. Alice Curtice Moyer Wing, a suffrage fighter who travelled the eastern Missouri Ozarks… Continue reading Roadtrip: Greenville Recreation Area & Crossroads Church Cemetery

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Bustable Women

The Hall of Famous Missourians has been in the news recently, igniting debate over who should be honored in our state capitol. Here at Missouri Women, we like to imagine a fantasy Hall of Famous Missourians. One that would include a few more women. Like these ladies: Virginia Minor Maya Angelou Edna Gellhorn Fannie Hurst… Continue reading Bustable Women

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The Mysterious Tale of Patience Worth

by Jean Schiffman San Francisco Arts Monthly September 2011 Vol. 21 No. 3 Seances were held; novels, poems, short stories and plays were published, all of which were supposedly dictated by the garrulous Patience, a 17th-century English immigrant to America. (No proof was ever found that such a person existed.) Pearl and her husband, John… Continue reading The Mysterious Tale of Patience Worth

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Laura Ingalls Wilder

If you were in elementary school in the past thirty years, chances are you read about Laura Ingalls Wilder. Her Little House books have impacted thousands of kids - the easy to read stories sweep readers away to Laura's childhood as a pioneer on the frontier. She wrote the books in Mansfield, Missouri. Laura came to Missouri… Continue reading Laura Ingalls Wilder

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Hall of Famous Missourians

There are seven women (out of 38 inductees) in the the Hall of Famous Missourians in our State Capitol, Jefferson City. What do you think of the women deemed "Famous" and who would you select to be included? Josephine Baker Susan Blow Rose Duchesne Betty Grable Ginger Rogers Sacajawea Laura Ingalls Wilder

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Irma Rombauer

 Irma Rombauer has helped millions of people tame the cooking "beast" with her cookbook, The Joy of Cooking. Before Julia Child, Rombauer produced a useable cookbook for the 1930's housewife. It was affordable, well-organized and included step-by-step recipes designed to save time in the kitchen. Irma (von Starkloff) Rombauer was born to a prominent German family in St. Louis in… Continue reading Irma Rombauer

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Kate Chopin

Kate Chopin wrote several works of fiction in the 1890s and was a native of St. Louis. Her fiction is filled with themes about women discovering themselves in new ways, searching for their identity and revolting against gender conformity and social norms that limit women's potential. She published 2 novels and about 100 short stories in… Continue reading Kate Chopin