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Missouri Women Talk Suffrage

Rose O'Neill "Callista and I were keen about the fight for woman suffrage and I walked in some parades, wore a placard, and made drawings for the cause. One Sunday evening I had been at an anti-suffrage meeting uptown and had stopped off at Madison Square, where I saw a crowd gathered about a platform.… Continue reading Missouri Women Talk Suffrage

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Drury University’s Rose O’Neill House

"I’m not known as an activist," Jackie Warren told me with a pause, "well, I guess I am now." She had just finished telling me about how she and a small group of women at Drury University saved Rose O'Neill's last home from the wrecking ball. That's right, women's history has officially defeated an impending… Continue reading Drury University’s Rose O’Neill House

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Road Trip: Bonniebrook Historic Site & Museum

Driving on 65 toward Branson, it’s easy to miss the turnoff for Bonniebrook.  There are plenty of billboards to shock and distract and you with the news that Andy Williams is somehow still alive and that Yakov Smirnov is somehow still culturally relevant.  Bonniebrook’s signs aren’t as flashy.  But if you pass them, you’ll be… Continue reading Road Trip: Bonniebrook Historic Site & Museum