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Book Review – Calamity Jane: The Woman and the Legend

by James D. McLaird, University of Oklahoma Press, 2005  Most biographies of well-known figures tend to fall into two categories: those that build their subject up, and those that tear them down.  That makes it all the more refreshing to read a book like James D. McLaird’s Calamity Jane, which simply looks on in fascination… Continue reading Book Review – Calamity Jane: The Woman and the Legend

Calamity Jane · Mercer County · Princeton

Calamity Jane

Martha Canary never set out to become a legend.  But when you're a boastful, fun-loving drunk, things... just sort of happen.  Canary, better known as Calamity Jane, is another Missouri woman whose fictional life overshadowed her real adventures.  She never served as an army scout, never fought Indians, and never rescued any stagecoaches.  What she did do was hold… Continue reading Calamity Jane