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Hall of Famous Missourians

There are seven women (out of 38 inductees) in the the Hall of Famous Missourians in our State Capitol, Jefferson City. What do you think of the women deemed “Famous” and who would you select to be included?

Josephine Baker

Susan Blow

Rose Duchesne

Betty Grable

Ginger Rogers


Laura Ingalls Wilder

One thought on “Hall of Famous Missourians

  1. Rose O’Neill was an artist, illustrator, first woman cartoonist in America, writer, poet,
    activist and suffragist and lived in Missouri much of her life at the Bonniebrook Homestead. She is the creator of the Kewpie character in 1909 at Bonniebrook and Hickman High School in Columbia Missouri selected Kewpie as a mascot in 1914 and it remains the mascot today. Rose always said, “Bonniebrook is my favorite place on earth…here I have done my best work.” The official business address for this famous woman was Day P.O., Taney County, MO. Rose marched in suffrage parades, was the creator of many suffrage posters that were distributed to suffrage state offices around the U.S, participated in suffrage fundraising activities, and participated in suffrage events. Rose was also outspoken about women being expected to dress with men designing their clothing. She was quoted that women should design their own clothes. 2020 is the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote and the perfect year to honor Rose O’Neill in the Missouri Hall of Famous Missourians. The Springfield History Museum on the Square is hosting a Rose O’Neill Suffrage lecture that will be held Tuesday, September 12. The lecture will be available on Zoom and also will be at the Fox Theatre with social distancing in place. Attend or watch with Zoom and with her huge amount of accomplishments while living in the Ozarks and participation in multiples of suffrage and activist activities, it will be obvious to the attendees, why Rose O’Neill should be in the Missouri Hall of Famous Missourians.

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