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Celebrating 100 years of Women’s Suffrage with Alice Curtice Moyer Wing will commemorate the approaching 100th anniversary of women's suffrage by featuring the work of Alice Curtice Moyer Wing. Moyer Wing traveled the Missouri Ozarks with her faithful horse La Belle in the years between 1916-1919. She encountered all sorts of different people, sharing her opinions on the need for equal voting rights for women.… Continue reading Celebrating 100 years of Women’s Suffrage with Alice Curtice Moyer Wing

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Susan Louise Marsh

Susan Marsh was appalled. A fifteen year old girl living in an orphan asylum in St Louis had to hand over her wages to her father, to support his drinking habit. Because of antiquated sole guardianship laws still on the books in Missouri in 1912, any wages that a child made were legally her father's. … Continue reading Susan Louise Marsh

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Roadtrip: Greenville Recreation Area & Crossroads Church Cemetery

The Greenville Recreation Area is set aside to mark the location of Old Greenville, a town that was moved in the 1940s due to the Wappapello Dam. Today there are camping and picnic areas at the site, with a dose of women's history sprinkled in. Alice Curtice Moyer Wing, a suffrage fighter who travelled the eastern Missouri Ozarks… Continue reading Roadtrip: Greenville Recreation Area & Crossroads Church Cemetery

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Bustable Women

The Hall of Famous Missourians has been in the news recently, igniting debate over who should be honored in our state capitol. Here at Missouri Women, we like to imagine a fantasy Hall of Famous Missourians. One that would include a few more women. Like these ladies: Virginia Minor Maya Angelou Edna Gellhorn Fannie Hurst… Continue reading Bustable Women

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Carrie Nation

When Carrie Nation read Jeremiah 1:10 in her Bible, she wrote "SMASHING" next to it. Jeremiah wrote, "I have this day set thee over the nation and over the kingdoms to root out and pull down and to destroy ..." and Carrie read, "pick up an axe and smash up bars." Carrie Moore was born… Continue reading Carrie Nation