Bonnie Parker · Joplin · Outlaw

Bonnie Parker’s Hideout

The shootout that catapulted Bonnie & Clyde to stardom happened right here in Missouri. Bonnie Parker and her man, Clyde Barrow were staying in a loft apartment at 3347 1/2 Oak Ridge Drive in Joplin with Buck & Blanche Barrow & W.D. Jones. The gang lived in the apartment for only about 3 weeks in 1933, but during that time were conspicuous enough to attract attention from the law.

On April 13th, two policemen were shot & killed while trying to serve a warrant to the group for suspected bootlegging. The gang members escaped with only a few scrapes, but had to leave to quick they left behind all their belongings: including poems written by Bonnie and rolls of film that finally put faces to the infamous “Bonnie and Clyde.”
Today you can rent their hideout for a night or just drive by and see it at the corner of E 34th Street and Oak Ridge Drive.

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