Jane Ace · Mt. Carmel Cemetery · Radio · Raytown


A Kansas City native, Jane Ace was a popular radio actress from the 1930s-50s. Her given name was Jane Epstein and she married Goodman Ace, a journalist & her former schoolmate.
Jane & Goodman Ace developed and starred in a domestic comedy radio show called Easy Aces. Jane had no formal acting training, and was known for her distinctive nasal voice and her comedic effect of confusing similar sounding words. These phrases were coined Janeaceisms by her husband and included phrases such as: “We’re all cremated equal,” “Awfully-wedded wife,” and “I am a member of the weeper sex “.
Her comedic acting ability contributed greatly to the success of the show, which grew from local Kansas City audiences to nation syndication. Easy Aces was inducted in the Radio Hall of Fame in 1990. Jane Ace died in New York City in 1974 and was buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Raytown, Missouri.

Her husband wrote the following eulogy about his wife after her passing:

“…now alone at a funeral home…the questions…the softly spoken suggestions…repeated, and repeated… because …because during all the arrangements, through my mind there ran a constant rerun, a line she spoke on radio…on the brotherhood of man …in her casual, malapropian style … we are all cremated equal … they kept urging for an answer…a wooden casket? … a metal casket? …it’s the name of their game … a tisket a casket…and then transporting it to Kansas City, Mo. …the plane ride… smoking or non-smoking section? somebody asked … the non-thinking section was what I wanted…. …a soft sprinkle of snow as we huddled around her…the first of the season, they told me … lasted only through the short service …snow stopped the instant the last words were spoken. He had the grace to celebrate her arrival with a handful of His confetti …”

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