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  1. I loved the great information you have on this site. I came acrosss it searching for information on my great grandmother “Hazel Carroll” who marched for women’s rights/suffrage. I know this would have been in Missouri – she lived in St. Joseph. Do you know of a site or how I can find documentation of the marches that took place? She might have joined a group or possibly signed her name to a petition. If you can give me any assistance please let me know.

    1. Hi Lori, I don’t know if you are still researching or not, but if so, you might contact the museum in Maryville. They have put together an extremely informative little book about women’s suffrage in Missouri. I have a copy of it–I think it cost about $12. There are newspaper articles, photos, etc. It’s quite a find and packed full of information. ~Susan

    2. I see that you mentioned Hazel Carroll from St. Joseph , Mo. That was my Mother’s sister’s name, (my aunt). My aunt Hazel lived on “A” street in St. Joseph, Mo.

  2. Martha Ann Baxter Doty (1862-1922) was a midwife/herbalist/doctor in rural Missouri. From when she was 10 years old, she helped her mother, Martha Jane Mallicoat Baxter King, who was a midwife near Jenkins Missouri. In the Cassville Republican Thu, Mar 16, 1922, p8 it says in her obituary: She had lived most of her life near Jenkins. She had for many years been a practicing physician and had ministered to numerous families in that community who will cherish her memory. There are several stories of her life and practice.

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